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Labels are now a vital element within all sectors – from retail through to manufacturing, logistics to libraries.

It’s obvious to consider the type of label which you require isn’t it? – direct thermal, thermal transfer, paper, synthetic, plain white, coloured etc – but what about the adhesive you need…? If you’re sticking a label to a retail product – ceramics, gift cards books etc., would it be handy to have a label which you could remove without leaving a sticky residue or pulling off the face of a paper product? This can also be applied to components in window, door, automotive and other precision manufacture. Removing the label improves the aesthetics and customer appeal of any product.

At the other end of the spectrum are permanent and extra permanent adhesives – some are resistant to liquid nitrogen storage – so that’s -160 degrees C, whilst others can withstand total submersion is sea water for several years!

If you have a special requirement for the ‘stickability’ of your labels, drop us a line via email or call us on 0161 408 7555