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Agamik Barcoder – Options for Windows

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Agamik Barcoder Software – for Windows. Buying Individual Symbologies

Agamik Barcoder for Windows allows you to save barcode images for use in your packaging design as EPS, TIFF or Adobe Illustrator files. Buying exactly what you want is really quite easy and economical.  If you just want a single Symbology or barcode family type,  it will cost you £95.00. This is known as the ‘Primary Code’. If you then would like to order other Symbologies, these are classed as ‘Additional Codes’ and are priced at £49.00. Obviously, you can only order Additional Codes if you have ordered a Primary Code.


Order your Primary Code


COVID-19,  July 10th 2020

The Chancellor has now arranged, at cost of around £30BILLION, a raft of incentives and tax reductions aimed at kickstarting our economy. It would appear that the age of austerity is over. Voices from the back benches are warning however, that this is an increasing debt which will have to be repaid…..

In the devolved regions of Wales & Scotland, further loosening now allows households to meet indoors in a single property, self catering (with own facilities) holidays are now permitted and the 5 mile travel restriction has been lifted.

We recognise that during this pandemic, you will have adopted some very different work patterns – such as how you receive goods and paperwork etc.

We want you to know that we will work closely with you to fall in-line with these new practices, so that we can help to minimise the risk of infection thereby helping our communities and our brilliant NHS.

Wishing you and all your families the very best in these highly challenging times.

Peter Williams