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A4 Labels – Butt Cut with square corners – 500 sheet bulk boxes

£ 18.35

Boxes of 500 sheets A4 butt cut labels in plain white paper with permanent adhesive.

Select your label size and enter the number of 500 sheet boxes you require.

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Our top quality labels are made in the UK and many of the popular sizes are held in stock for speedy deliveries.

This is our ‘Butt Cut’ range where all labels have square, 90 degree corners and there’s no space between each label – they are ‘butted up’ to each other. This is in contrast to ‘die-cut’ labels where the corners are round and the labels can actually be separated from each other by a few millimeters.

It’s a matter of personal preference – that’s why we offer both!


Additional information

Labels per sheet

1: 210mm x 297mm, 1: 210 x 287mm, 2: 105mm x 297mm, 2: 210mm x 148mm, 3: 210mm x 99mm, 4: 105mm x 148mm, 6: 105mm x 99mm, 6: 70mm x 148mm, 8: 105mm x 71mm, 8: 105mm x 74mm, 8: 99mm x 72mm, 10: 105mm x 58mm, 10: 105mm x 59.3mm, 12: 105mm x 48mm, 12: 105mm x 49mm, 14: 105mm x 38mm, 14: 105mm x 42.3mm, 15: 70mm x 50.8mm, 15: 70mm x 59.3mm, 16: 105mm x 35mm, 16: 105mm x 37mm, 21: 70mm x 38mm, 21: 70mm x 42.3mm, 24: 70mm x 34mm, 24: 70mm x 35mm, 24: 70mm x 36mm, 24: 70mm x 37mm, 27: 70mm x 32mm, 30: 70mm x 29.6mm, 33: 70mm x 25.4mm, 36: 70mm x 24.75mm, 40: 52.5mm x 29.6mm, 44: 48.5mm x 25.4mm, 44: 50mm x 25mm, 48: 51mm x 24mm, 56: 52.5mm x 21.2mm