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A4 Laser Labels – butt cut – 500 sheet bulk boxes

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A4 Laser Labels. Boxes of 500 sheets A4 butt cut labels in plain white paper with permanent or removable adhesive.

Select your label size and enter the number of 500 sheet boxes you require.

Select which adhesive is best for you. Permanent is selected by default and is the cheaper option.

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A4 Laser Labels. These top quality labels are made in the UK. Most of the popular sizes are held in stock meaning speedy deliveries.

This is our ‘Butt Cut’ range of A4 Laser Labels. All labels have square, 90 degree corners and there’s no space between each label. All labels are ‘butted up’ to each other. This is different to ‘die-cut’ labels where the corners are round and the labels can actually be separated from each other by a few millimeters. These are produced on smooth white paper manufactured by one of the world’s largest producers, UPM Raflatac. They they will give you trouble-free printing on all printers. We do offer all sizes on different grades of paper – coloured, fluorescent, clear poly and white poly. The polyester labels are in a different price band due to the increased cost of the material. Can only be used on laser printers – colour or mono.

We have offered the option of ‘Permanent’ or ‘Removable’ adhesive. Some retailers and online fulfilment services, prefer it if you use the removable labels. This means that the labels can normally be removed from the poly bag or the item itself, without leaving a sticky residue. Permanent adhesive can also damage the surface of a paper product when removed. Always use removable labels if applying them to products such as books and magazines.



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Labels per sheet

1: 210mm x 297mm, 1: 210 x 287mm, 2: 105mm x 297mm, 2: 210mm x 148mm, 3: 210mm x 99mm, 4: 105mm x 148mm, 6: 105mm x 99mm, 6: 70mm x 148mm, 8: 105mm x 71mm, 8: 105mm x 74mm, 8: 99mm x 72mm, 10: 105mm x 58mm, 10: 105mm x 59.3mm, 12: 105mm x 48mm, 12: 105mm x 49mm, 14: 105mm x 38mm, 14: 105mm x 42.3mm, 15: 70mm x 50.8mm, 15: 70mm x 59.3mm, 16: 105mm x 35mm, 16: 105mm x 37mm, 21: 70mm x 38mm, 21: 70mm x 42.3mm, 24: 70mm x 34mm, 24: 70mm x 35mm, 24: 70mm x 36mm, 24: 70mm x 37mm, 27: 70mm x 32mm, 30: 70mm x 29.6mm, 33: 70mm x 25.4mm, 36: 70mm x 24.75mm, 40: 52.5mm x 29.6mm, 44: 48.5mm x 25.4mm, 44: 50mm x 25mm, 48: 51mm x 24mm, 56: 52.5mm x 21.2mm


Permanent, Removable