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A4 Block Out Labels (for laser or inkjet)

From: £ 98.27

A4 Block Out Labels – Box of 500 sheets

Purchase 1 or more economy boxes of 500 sheets of A4 Block Out Laser labels (matt white paper)  Select below the number of labels you require per A4 sheet and the number of 500 sheet boxes you require – simple as that!

Price range:-

1 Box (500 sheets) – £98.27 + VAT

2 Boxes (1000 sheets) – £62.27/box = £124.54 + VAT

3 Boxes (1500 sheets) – £50.27/box = £150.81 + VAT

4 Boxes (2000 sheets) – £44.27/box = £177.08 + VAT

5 Boxes (2500 sheets) – £42.60/box = £213.00 + VAT

Suitable for use in all office laser and inkjet printers.





A4 Block Out Labels (for Laser or Inkjet Printers)

A4 Block Out Labels are great if you need to apply a new label over an existing block of text or graphic. They have a dark blue opaque adhesive on the reverse side which gives them their block-out property. This is quality paper manufactured by Herma, one of the world’s premier producers of quality paper products. To make doubly sure that your printer will give a good result with these labels, please drop us a line and we’ll be delighted to send you some samples. They may not be your chosen size, but will give you a good idea of what your end result will be.

Price breaks are available on this page, but if you require more than 10 boxes at a time, please contact us.

Since we are label specialists, we can offer a wealth of different label types – coloured labels, fluorescent labels, white polyester A4 labels, peelable (removable labels) and also labels on rolls in all of the above variations to suit all makes of thermal label printers.

Custom printed labels are part of our arsenal as well – if you have a short, medium or long run requirement, we can quote you for the finished article – just send us your artwork or a digital photo, and we can do the rest.

Additional information

500 sheets: Labels per A4 sheet

1 (199.6 x 289.1mm), 2 (199.6 x 143.5mm), 4 (99.1 x 139mm), 6 (99.1 x 93.1mm), 8 (99.1 x 67.7mm), 10 (99.1 x 57.3mm), 12 (63.5 x 72mm), 12 (99.1 x 42mm), 14 (99.1 x 38.1mm), 16 (99.1 x 33.9mm), 18 (63.5 x 46.6mm), 21 (63.5 x 38.1mm), 24 (63.5 x 33.9mm), 36 (48.9 x 29.6mm), 40 (45.7 x 25.5mm), 65 (38.1 x 21.2mm)


1 Box, 2 Boxes, 3 Boxes, 4 Boxes, 5 Boxes

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