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Direct Thermal Eco Labels

We’ve decided to make our in-house direct thermal ECO labels available in stock at all times!

With the big brands not always being in stock, this could seriously affect you ability to label your products!

We’ve taken our most popular sizes – some for small desktop thermal printers (on 25mm cores) and others for larger industrial printers (on 76mm cores) and set aside an area of our warehouse for these beauties!

Order on-line and they can generally be with you next day!


These are Direct Thermal Eco labels with permanent adhesive. Unsure as to whether Direct Thermal labels are suitable for your use? – take a look at this video.

Now have a look at our selection below and click and buy if you’re ready!

RefSizePerforated between
Core SizeLabels/RollRolls/BoxLabels/BoxPrice/More Info
DTE10238-25102mm x 38mmNo25mm20001224000£76.61
DTE10250-25102mm x 50mmNo25mm15001218000£73.94
DTE10276P-25102mm x 76mmYes25mm10001212000£74.85
DTE102102P-25102mm x 102mmYes25mm750129000£74.58
DTE102127P-25102mm x 127mmYes25mm600127200£73.87
DTE102152P-25102mm x 152mmYes25mm500126000£73.37
DTE7638-2576mm x 38mmNo25mm20001632000£78.90
DTE7650-2576mm x 50mmNo25mm15001624000£75.02
DTE7676P-2576mm x 76mmYes25mm10001616000£75.94
DTE76102P-2576mm x 102mmYes25mm7501612000£76.41
DTE10238-76102mm x 38mmNo76mm4000624000£76.08
DTE10250-76102mm x 50mmNo76mm3000618000£73.40
DTE10276P-76102mm x 76mmYes76mm2000612000£74.31
DTE102102P-76102mm x 102mmYes76mm150069000£74.05
DTE102127P-76102mm x 127mmYes76mm120067200£73.33
DTE102152P-76102mm x 152mmYes76mm100066000£72.82

Direct Thermal Eco labels are ideal for labelling goods which are only going to be in the supply chain or other use for a limited time.

Their thermal coating is not protected by a further layer and so can be easy marked or scratched. Top coated thermal labels are

more resistant to abrasion but are much more expensive. See a Zebra product here.