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Zebra Labels

Zebra Labels


Zebra Labels are of course designed and carefully manufactured for Zebra Label printers. They are produced to give the clearest images – fonts, logos and bar codes and come in a range to suit your application, environment, size and type of Zebra printer.

Direct thermal Zebra Labels are ideal for the shipping and logistics industries. They do not require a black thermal transfer ribbon and so are very simple to re-load to keep the printer going. They are available in two grades – coated or un-coated. The un-coated ones are slightly cheaper and are well suited to the logistics industry where they are often used as address labels. They will degrade (go darker) if they are exposed to sunlight, heat or moisture quite readily, but since they are generally only used for a quick one-way trip, this won’t matter! Coated direct thermal labels have an additional layer over the top of the heat sensitive one, which gives them better resistance to moisture (like in cold stores for example) sunlight and heat and also makes the labels less abrasive, which will be kinder to your print head in the long term! The way to determine easily which is coated or un-coated is to note that the 1000D labels are un-coated and the 2000D labels are coated.

You may use direct thermal labels in a Zebra Thermal Transfer label printer – you just don’t load a thermal transfer ribbon and you will have to adjust your settings on your printer or in your label software to ‘Direct Thermal’

Zebra Direct Thermal Labels for Desktop Printers Zebra Direct Thermal Labels for Large Printers

Thermal Transfer Zebra Labels

Zebra Thermal Transfer labels are made from plain, high quality paper (and also various synthetic materials) and therefore require thermal transfer ribbons (normally black but other colours available) to create text, bar codes & images.

These labels are available in smaller rolls to suit Zebra desktop printers and in large rolls to suit Zebra industrial label printers.

As with the direct thermal labels above, Zebra thermal transfer labels are available in uncoated paper stock (1000T) and coated (2000T)  – the coated options offering ultra high print quality and a lower friction impact on your print head.

Zebra Thermal Transfer Labels for Desktop printers Zebra Thermal Transfer Labels for Large printers

If you regularly purchase labels from us and you print your own bar codes, you can have your bar codes verified free of charge by using our bar code verification service. Just post off your sample to us and we’ll send your verification report by return,

Small sample rolls are available on some popular sizes – ask us about those if you are unsure about committing to a box. We will just charge you a small (£10.00 + VAT) handling and shipping fee.

Of course, at any time you want to talk to a human, just pick up the phone and dial 0161 408 7555 and ask our advice.