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Thermal Transfer Ribbon – Dragon Brand


Roll SizeWidth (mm)Length (M)Box QtyWaxWax/ResinResin
33mm x 74M3374100£20.63£39.68£71.43
64mm x 74M6474100£40.02£76.96£138.53
84mm x 74M847450£26.26£50.51£90.91
110mm x 74M1107450£34.39£66.14£119.05
40mm x 450M4045018£27.38£52.65£94.77
60mm x 450M6045018£41.07£78.98£142.16
80mm x 450M8045012£36.50£70.20£126.36
89mm x 450M8945012£40.61£78.10£140.58
104mm x 450M10445012£47.46£91.26£164.27
106mm x 450M10645012£48.37£93.02£167.43
110mm x 450M11045012£50.19£96.53£173.75
131mm x 450M1314509£44.83£86.21£155.19
154mm x 450M1544506£35.14£67.57£121.62
170mm x 450M1704506£38.79£74.59£134.26
174mm x 450M1744506£39.70£76.34£137.42
220mm x 450M2204506£50.19£96.53£173.75
110mm x 900M1109006£50.19£96.53£173.75
156mm x 900M1569006£71.19£136.89£246.40
170mm x 900M1709006£77.57£149.18£268.52

Our thermal transfer ribbons are produced in Europe on one of the Worlds top 10 coating lines. State of the art manufacture ensures a guaranteed level of quality. Many of our clients who previously specified the main brands of thermal transfer ribbon, are now paying half what they used to pay and feel that the quality is every bit as good – in fact, some feel that the performance is better!

The products above are for flat head printers. If you require thermal transfer ribbon for near-edge printers, please ask for pricing. All our ribbons can be ink in or ink out – it varies dependant on your printer make. Just let us know which printer(s) you have.

We’d be delighted to send you some samples just to prove how brilliant our product is – just give us a call on either 0161 408 7555 or 07811 166859 or email us at sales@dragon-solutions.com