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Portable Data Capture

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    Slim & Light: M3 SKY series is a slim, light but rugged PDA with optional RFID reader. It can be used for ticketing and/or asset management wherever the mobile device is needed.

    IP 65 Sealing, 1.5m Drop: M3 SKY is suitable to use in a tough environment; withstands drops from 1.5m and protects against dust and water.

    Military STD-810F: The MIL-STD-810F certification demonstrates the ruggedness of the M3 SKY and its appropriateness for use on extreme conditions such as military operations, field service and warehouse management.

    Multi-function QWERTY keypad: Multi functional keys of QWERTY keypad are designed for versatile performance. As hot keys, direct access is possible which increases users’ working input.

    Solutions: Terminal Emulation: Wavelink, Softogo, Naurtech, Mobile Management: Wavelink, Soti

  • Opticon OPN2001

    OPTICON OPN2001 Barcode Portable Data Capture

    £ 84.95


    OPTICON OPN2001 Barcode Portable Data Capture

    This small and lightweight device is equipped with a memory that can store more than 15.000 barcodes. With a weight less than 30 grams, it can be put in every pocket and taken everywhere.

    Ease in use
    Using the OPN2001 is straightforward. No special training is needed as users only need to press a trigger key to operate and a reset key to control mistakes. Using the USB lead, it is a simple procedure to send the data to a PC after having configured your reader using the set-up booklet. The battery can also be charged using this cable.