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Block Out Labels (Thermal Transfer Roll Labels)

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Mistakes happen – we all know this to be true! Even with the best systems, you can end up with incorrect data on your product – from simple text errors to the wrong barcode!  Sending out wrong information on your packaging, can be a disaster! You may alternatively have an ingredient change in your product or have to import a product that needs a translation.

With our block out labels, you can minimise the financial implications of such a mistake or amendment.

Our labels are carefully manufactured to suit your particular label printer – correct core size and outside diameter of rolls.

Our block out face material is a brilliant semi-gloss white (SGW) and with it having an opaque blue/black backing, does not appear grey like some labels. They are die-cut with 2mm radius corners designed for easy peeling. Labels are made to order but can generally be turned around in 2-3 days.

We’ve made it easy to order 10k, 20k or 30k labels here on our site. If you require other quantities, please call us.

These are the sizes of cutters we have for this material, but can make special custom sizes for you which would involve a small additional cost for the cutter(s).

Please choose the size & quantity required from the drop down boxes and also core size.



What are they?

Block out labels. White with blue/black opaque backing. Suitable for medium/large thermal transfer printers. 200mm o/d with 76mm cores (by default) Smaller cores are available for desktop printers. Cores can be selected from 3 other sizes – 25mm, 38mm & 44mm.

What are they used for?

Block out labels will cover up all text and graphics printed on the parent material. If you want to test before you buy, drop us a line or call us. We’ll  happily send you some samples.

Block out labels are invaluable when text or graphics need covering. The opaque adhesive is the secret to a good blackout label. Toiletary manufacturer clients of ours, use these for language labels when they are test marketing to overseas markets. It’s a handy way of proving a market before fully committing to packaging redesign.

Which printers will they fit?

76mm core rolls are suitable for printers from Citizen, Datamax, Fargo, Godex, Honeywell, Intermec, Sato, TSC, Toshiba TEC, Zebra. They are outside wound (labels on the outside of the roll). If you need inside wound, let us know – this option available at no extra cost. Cores can be selected from 3 other sizes – 25mm, 38mm & 44mm. Many of our clients print their block out labels online using a coder like the ICE Range –  e.g. the Zodiac Hawk.  These use near edge ribbons such as the Inkanto APR600 range. Stand alone printers often use the Inkanto AWR8 wax range. With all printers, check the max length of the ribbon you can use from your operators manual before ordering ribbon, or call us!

If you want block out labels on A4 sheets, to suit laser or inkjet printers, take a look at our A4 Block Out Label range!

How many do you need?

Minimum order quantity 10K –  three choices in the dropdowns – 10k, 20 & 30k. Again, if you have a larger requirement, email us at sales@dragon-solutions.com and we will quote you.

A bit of info which may interest you…

As regards the quantity price breaks, many clients ask how these prices are worked out. Converting labels is both a science and an art. There’s a lot of up-front setting up.

The speed of the machine to suit the paper type.

Getting the pressure of the rotary cutter just right.

Setting up the waste stripper – all the waste from around the label needs to be removed and neatly rewound.

This is why the 10k price is high compared with the 20 & 30k options. Once your set-up is right, the on costs for running up to the higher quantities is minimal. Machine running time, the material cost and machine wear & tear.

There are certain things we cannot share with you – these are some of the dark arts of label converting!

Order suitable ribbons for Flat Head Printers

Order suitable ribbons for Near Edge Printers

Additional information


102mm x 76.2mm, 98mm x 28mm, 95mm x 95mm, 90mm x 40mm, 85mm x 85mm, 85mm x 32mm, 85mm x 25mm, 81mm x 24mm, 80mm x 25mm, 80mm x 19mm, 80mm x 18mm, 80mm x 15mm, 78mm x 73mm, 77mm x 27mm, 70mm x 45mm, 70mm x 20mm, 70mm x 15mm, 70mm x 105mm, 66mm x 26mm, 65mm x 20mm, 64mm x 58mm, 64mm x 40mm, 64mm x 25mm, 63mm x 70mm, 63mm x 55mm, 61mm x 60mm, 60mm x 70mm, 60mm x 50mm, 60mm x 40mm, 60mm x 30mm, 58mm x 60mm, 58mm x 52mm, 58mm x 40mm, 57mm x 44mm, 57mm x 37mm, 55mm x 80mm, 55mm x 55mm, 55mm x 30mm, 55mm x 110mm, 54mm x 70mm, 54mm x 30mm, 53mm x 42mm, 53mm x 29mm, 52mm x 92mm, 51mm x 38mm, 51mm x 13mm, 50mm x 76mm, 50mm x 53mm, 50mm x 50mm, 50mm x 30mm, 50mm x 25mm, 50mm x 18mm, 49mm x 44mm, 47mm x 29mm, 46mm x 32mm, 45mm x 36mm, 45mm x 175mm, 44mm x 137mm, 42mm x 90mm, 42mm x 64mm, 42mm x 42mm, 42mm x 35mm, 41mm x 46mm, 40mm x 38mm, 40mm x 30mm, 38mm x 46mm, 38mm x 36mm, 36mm x 54mm, 35mm x 178mm, 34mm x 115mm, 34mm x 105mm, 34mm x 12mm, 32mm x 62mm, 32mm x 57mm, 30mm x 111mm, 26mm x 61mm, 25mm x 12.7mm


10,000, 20,000, 30,000

Core Size

25mm, 38mm, 44mm, 76mm