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Bartender BT-Pro Professional Dongle Version Single User

Bartender BT-Pro Professional On-Line Version Single User

With BarTender, you create high-quality labels fast and professionally. As global market leader in the world of Windows label printing, Seagull Scientific offers a solution that leaves nothing to be desired. Use it as a stand-alone solution or integrated into other software applications. It offers extensive print management as well as advanced security features, making it the first choice in production, warehouse management and sales.
The label and RFID software BarTender is available in four different editions: the Basic Edition offers the all-important design features, but without databank integration and automation. The Professional Edition extends this with extensive data access functions, as well as all automation design functions. It supports RFID, nearly all functions for card printing, as well as the partner applications, Print Station and Batch Maker. The Automation Edition offers even more: it includes additional standard integration features that allow other applications to control BarTender automatically. The most powerful version, the Enterprise Automation, offers the complete set of functions, central control of print jobs and management of all network printers inclusive. It also supports RFID and all card printing functions, such as the encoding of smart cards. Additionally included are all partner applications, including Librarian.All editions are extremely easy to use and various wizards support users with more than 5,000 predefined standards. Naturally, BarTender includes features like accessing systems and printer fonts, templates, or one of hundreds of scalable industry symbols, Unicode support as well as password protection for preventing unauthorised changes in layouts. BarTender stores all printing logs in a secure SQL database, which complies with any security standard applied in sensitive pharmaceutical, chemical or military applications. Lost or damaged labels can be located and reprinted easily using the History Explorer (Enterprise Edition).Another advantage of BarTender is its capability to integrate into other systems (Enterprise Automation Edition): with different data selection methods, like simple pick lists or SQL queries, BarTender supports all major database formats, making network access to texts, data sheets and databases easy. Even more extended features are provided with SAP, Oracle and XML formats. Additionally, a special trigger-based integration allows software that cannot access BarTender directly to send print jobs, even from non-Windows systems.
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