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Getting your barcode numbers

First steps in obtaining a bar code for your product. If you are in the UK, the people to talk with are GS1 UK - part of the GS1 Global network.
This organisation oversees the allocation of barcode numbers within the supply chain and they can be regarded as the equivalent to the DVLA allocating vehicle registration numbers - you need to ensure that your number is absolutely unique!

GS1 UK are a not-for-profit organisation and are an invaluable resource for all matters relating to barcoding, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification, ‘Tagging’) in terms of new adopted standards and practices.

The rates are pretty reasonable in that for your joining fee and annual subscription, you get up to 1000 unique numbers - that should keep you going for some time!

The price involved is based on a sliding turnover scale and comprises a one-off joining fee and an annual licence fee:-

GS1 Charges

TurnoverJoining Fee (incl. VAT)Annual Charge (incl. VAT)
Up to £0.5M£130.80£142.80
£0.5M - £1.0M£145.20£157.20
£1.0M - £10M£231.60£243.60
£10M - £50M£369.60£381.60
£50M - £100M£398.40£1281.60
Sliding scale of GS1 Membership