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Metapace S-62Metapace S-62

Metapace S-62 2D Bar Code Reader - how we found it…


We’ve just tested a new scanner - the Metapace S-62 2D reader.

We were eager to get our hot little hands on it since the spec is high and the price-point is low. I know, we’ve been this way before with various devices - some deliver and some don’t and some can leave a decidedly nasty taste….

We were surprised however by this reader. It is in fact, very good indeed.

Many organisations are now looking at employing 2D codes both for their marketing (QR codes for URL’s)  manufacturing, retailing and also patient information gathering within the NHS and private sector - normally Data Matrix or Aztec codes.

A year or two ago, 2D scanners attracted a premium price, but we’re now seeing prices drop as the 2D code becomes widely accepted in a number of sectors.

Down to brass tacks then:-

The quality of the molding is comparable with the likes of Motorola, Honeywell and Datalogic. The guns sits easily in the hand and the trigger has a familiar soft touch activation. There is a red aiming bar during triggering which is accompanied by white light  illumination for the decode itself. With it being an area imager of course, there is no need to align the beam along the length of the code - you can scan from any angle.

A PDF manual is supplied on a full sized CD which allows you to read through and print out - if you must!  There is also a quick setup leaflet which enables hands free mode, carriage return after scan, computer type (PC/Mac/IBM SurePOS)  and keyboard nationality. The really great thing about this type of technology, is that it allows you to scan codes directly off your screen as well. So if you require additional programming, volume and pitch of bleep, adding of prefix, suffix etc., all can be activated by scanning the setup codes directly from the screen when you’re viewing the PDF!

The stand is a simple two-part affair - the swan neck clips into the base and the reader slides into the top bracket. The base is not as heavy as some so it may not be as stable - that is our only criticism at this stage.

We tried it scanning all sorts of different codes - EAN’s ITF’s, Code 128, Code39, QR code and Data Matrix - it even scans the really small Data Matrix codes in the back of Nokia phones - up to 27 characters in a 5mm square code, very well.

Metapace must be confident with this product to be offering a 60 month warranty. They’re even throwing in a 4-port USB hub in case you’re running short of ports - that’s nice of them!

At £112.99 we consider this to be outstanding value for money.

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Metapace S-62 2D barcode reader.
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