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Axicon Barcode Verifiers are renowned throughout the World as probably the best equipment available for the CEN/ANSI/ISO verification of barcode quality.

Since they are PC based (Mac OS option with the linear verifiers) data can be imported directly into spread sheets, sent direct to clients, compared with database for product description etc., and your quality audit trail greatly improved over previous verification systems.

There are ranges to suit all code sizes and types from small linear code verifiers, to larger 1D and 2D barcode verification systems.

The ‘S’ range of linear verifiers require at least USB2 connection due to the large amounts of data which they have to handle, particularly for the on-line options.

A portable addition to your linear verifier can be had in the form of the PV-1000 unit which connects to any of the linear read heads for full portability – scans can be saved out in the warehouse and then imported into your PC when you return to the office.

[wr_row][wr_column span=”span12″][/wr_column][/wr_row][wr_row][wr_column span=”span12″][wr_text]Axicon Barcode Verifiers

Axicon 6015 for EAN/UPC codes
Axicon 6015 - RRP £1650 - our price £Call
Axicon 6515 Verifier for medium sized labels
Axicon 6515 - RRP £2510 - our price £Call

Axicon 7015 - RRP £2750 - our price £Call

Axicon 6025-S - RRP £1860 - our price £Call

Axicon 6525-S - RRP £2875 - our price £Call

Axicon 7025-S - RRP £2995 - our price £Call

Axicon On-Line Verification - £Call

Axicon PV-1072 Portable - RRP £1800 - our price £Call

Axicon PV-1000 Portable - RRP £850 - our price £Call
Axicon 15000
Axicon 1D/2D Barcode Verifier - RRP £4,500