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A4 Fluorescent Labels

A4 Fluorescent labels makes your product stand out - If you have a product which needs to be noticed - perhaps it’s a return or it requires special handling or routing through your logistics channel, applying a fluorescent label is an instant and very cost effective way of achieving this.

These are available on A4 sheets (we have selected our standard 18 sizes but can quote you for a custom size if you have a particular requirement) for easy office printing (if required) using laser or inkjet printers or just to peel off and apply a plain bright label (these are die cut with rounded edges for easy peeling) or we can quote you for roll labels to suit your thermal printer - small rolls of 100mm o/d for the older type of desktop printer or 200mm outside diameter for the larger industrial printers.

These are ideal for printing bar codes onto - even the red is fine (think KitKat!) since it will be invisible to a red laser scanner and just as good as a white label in terms of contrast and readability of your code.

If you need to be able to remove the label without it leaving a sticky residue or spoil the face of your packaging etc., we can have these made using peel-able or removable adhesive, like a PostIt note.

Special A4 formats are also possible - where the face material is cut into a number of different sized labels. Perhaps you require one to be stuck directly to the product and one to the delivery note, the rest to comprise the process sheet itself. Even perforations can be built in to allow easy tearing of the backing paper. Let us quote you.